︎ PORTABLE LAMP (Unicorn)

printed nylon, LED

“Unicorn” is a versatile lamp inspired by the iconic flourescent umbrellas in the movie Blade Runner. Unicorn is not deisgned for a specific situation in mind, but rather looks for opportunities to shine. With a wide and rotatable umbrella handle at the top of the lamp and a strong magnet at the bottom, Unicorn easily adapts to different environments in a home. Powered by a USB chargable battery, Unicorn refuses to be restricted by wall sockets. Unicorn borrows and combines two common typologies to give a pleasant familiarity to a lamp that finds function in its casual and practical nature.

* designed for Umbra’s “Compact Living” exhibition and named “Top 100 designs” of IDS and TODO 2017  by Toronto Designline Magazine.

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